Grieving The Loss Of A Stillborn Child

You’ve waited like forever to have your pregnancy, you are so full of excitement, even prepared for the name and now all of a sudden without any reason, you were told you’ve lost her already. This is a very devastating experience for a woman, who after 7 months of waiting will have to deal with the loss of a child she never saw alive.

You could be in this same situation, but, no matter how hard this is, some things still need to be done, facts that have to be faced and reality to be dealt with. To help you deal with the loss here are some things you need to do.

stillborn childAfter you deliver your child spend some time and hold your baby, this may be uncomfortable at first, but will help you with the grieving process.

You may ask the staff for any keepsakes you can have to remember your child like ID bracelet, blanket or pictures. Have the birth certificate to include the hand and footprint of your child.

Your doctor may suggest an autopsy to be done to determine the cause of death, you and your partner will have to make the decision for it. If you feel the need to give specific instructions regarding the incisions to be made, you may have to write them down.

After delivery, you will still have the post partum symptoms, which you need to discuss with your health provider, especially if you want to opt to take medications to stop the lactation.

You will have to arrange also for a simple funeral service, how long it should take and the options you may have for the interment.

After the funeral service, the hardest part is to deal with the loss. You can seek the support of your family and friends. Allow yourself some time to grieve because this is not going to happen overnight.

You may want to memorialize your baby, for that you can buy a special piece of jewelry to wear that represents your baby. These little things can help you deal with the pain of losing someone.

Plan ahead for activities during anniversaries and special dates to make them meaningful and memorable for the whole family.

Lastly, you may want to join a support group where you can share your experience and help someone who shares the same experience as you.


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