Hair Falling Out After Pregnancy – Causes and Remedies

There are numerous strange things happening during and after pregnancy with your body and one of them is hair falling out after pregnancy. Is there anything wrong with you if you are experiencing hair loss after pregnancy? This is something totally normal and the majority of women experience it even though there isn’t that much talking about it.

The symptom is caused by the fact that about 85-90% of hair is growing at once, while the remaining 10-15% are resting.

Hair Falling Out After PregnancyIn case of pregnancy there are more resting hairs, which will eventually fall out. Hair loss after pregnancy isn’t serious enough for you to end up with bold spots, and you should have all your hair back by the first birthday of the little one.

What is good to know is that you may experience the most serious hair shedding three months after giving birth.

Extra information

Why aren’t you experiencing hair loss during pregnancy? The hormones that are produced during pregnancy stop the hair from falling out. After delivery the level of these hormones drops, and so the hair starts to fall out. This is why all the hair that has been resting falls out in the same time.

Don’t forget that this is a temporary effect and things will get back to normal before you even know it.

Could there be any other health issues?

Hair falling out after pregnancy is not the only thing that you might be thinking about. Hair loss could be caused by just any health issue that involves a change in the estrogen levels of the body. This means that you could experience this symptom if you stop using birth control pills of other birth control methods that have a hormonal basis, abortion, stillbirth, miscarriage and also hormonal imbalance.

What can you do?

There are some things to do in order to minimize the effects of hair loss after pregnancy and to have healthier hair. The first thing to do is to visit your health care provider and make sure that you don’t have a hormonal imbalance.

Also when thinking about hairstyles, make sure that your hair isn’t under stress to avoid hair falling out after pregnancy, so don’t have pigtails, weaves, cornrows, or braids. Your diet also has a word to say in hair loss after pregnancy. Make sure that you have a lot of veggies and fruits that come with antioxidants and flavonoids which help protect the follicles and support hair growth.

There are numerous different kinds of products that could help you with hair falling out after pregnancy. Look for those that have as ingredients silica and biotin. After washing your hair, you have to be gentle with it because it is more prone to tearing. In case you are used to drying hair with hair drier, use the cool setting to avoid hair loss after pregnancy.

You might have had vitamin supplements during pregnancy, so have some after pregnancy too to minimize the effects of hair falling out after pregnancy. These should contain vitamin B, C, E and zinc.


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