The Challenges of Having a Baby – Boy vs. Girl

The parents who are having a baby don’t necessarily have to think about getting them gender-stereotyped toys.

The room of a girl doesn’t have to be painted baby pink while the shelves of a little boy don’t have to be stuffed with race cars.

Having a Baby

Having a little boy

If you have a boy for sure you know already that they love action, both as a spectator and being part of it. In this case you have to make sure that you have plenty of band aids at home. In the same time they are more emotional than the majority of people would think.


The truth about baby boys is that they prefer mechanical movement over human motion. According to studies the little boys are more attracted to tracking objects. It looks like boys are a couple of months ahead than girls when it comes to the laws of motion.

The moves

When it comes to having a child you should know that boys and girls hit all the motor milestones at about the same time. However boys do kick, squirm and wiggle more and research shows that they are more likely to end up at the ER. Nonetheless they don’t reach the milestones sooner.


The studies regarding having babies shows that boys are easier to get agitated and they find self-soothing more difficult. Although boys may seem as calm as girls in stressful situations, their breathing and heart rate shows that they are having greater distress.


It is interesting to know about having a baby boy that boys usually prefer to look at group faces than to individual faces. In fact it looks like the little boys prefer to look at a mobile instead of a single face.

Having a little girl

If you will have a little lady in the family you should know that they don’t mind looking people in the eye. Also girls tend to learn to talk sooner than boys. This is why it is said that girls are more communicative than boys even at young ages.


One of the most interesting things to know about baby girls is that only three hours after birth they already excel at imitation. Studies suggest that girls are better at imitating finger movements. Girls imitate better than boys.


If you are having a kid it is good to know that girls are better at fine motor tasks. This is a head start that they have that lasts until preschool. They can manipulate toys faster, they learn to use utensils sooner, and they learn to write faster.


If you are having a baby girl you should know that she will be more attuned to voices and it looks like usually girls prefer human voices over the other kinds of voices. If you shake a rattle, there isn’t supposed to be a difference between the reactions of a girl or a boy, but girls get more engaged when they hear human voices.


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