Learn How to Breastfeed the Right Way

When women are asking how to breastfeed, they should know that it’s not only about nutrition but also comfort and nurturing. This is the time that women could use as bonding time.

Besides this, it is a well-known fact that the breastfed babies have higher IQs and it is easier for the mother to lose the baby weight.

Positioning and the breastfeeding method

During the first few times, it is best to breastfeed while sitting up. You could sit up in the bed or use a rocking chair. It is useful to have pillows; have them behind your back, under your elbows and under the baby to support him or her.

When asking how to breast feed you should know that if you are sitting up in the bed you should have some pillows under your knees.

How to BreastfeedPositioning the baby

If you are asking how to breast feed, you should make sure that the baby is facing you with his or her entire body towards you and it is best if the knees are close to your body.

The baby should be on the same level as your nipple so you won’t have to lean forward and he/she won’t have to strain.

Offering the breast

This is an important step when asking how to breastfeed. Form a C or U with your thumb and index finger and position your finger behind the areola.

Try to support the breast close to its natural position and keep your thumb in line with the nose of the baby with the other fingers on the side of the breast.

Proper latch

It is important for every breastfeeding method for the baby to have the right latch. In case he or she turns away, you should stroke the cheek closest to you. As a reflex, he or she will turn back to you. Make the baby open his mouth by moving him towards and away from the breast until he opens it wide.

When asking how to breast feed, you should make sure that the baby opens his or her mouth wide, just like a yawn when preparing to latch. It is best to talk to the baby to encourage him or her to open the mouth. This usually relaxes the baby and they are easier to feed.

Move the baby

If you would like to know how to breastfeed, you should know that you have to pull the baby to the breast with the chin first when the baby’s mouth is open. This way the lower jaw will be as far back on the nipple as possible. This way you can make sure that he or she takes the nipple deep in the mouth.

The breastfeeding method includes that you should pull the baby close to your body when he or she got the latch right. It is possible for his or her nose to be blocked, and in this case pull the legs closer to you.

Now you know how to breast feed.


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