Nutrition Guidelines For New Mothers After Childbirth

Eating a proper diet after pregnancy is not that complex and you can continue eating the same quality, nutritious food as you did during your pregnancy[pregnancy diet].

However, if you are not a breast-feeding mother, calorie and nutrient requirement should be appropriate and if possible provide more nutrients. Here are a few ways to manage your diet after pregnancy:

Keep your diet as simple as possible: As there is a chance for you to gain weight after pregnancy, particularly if you’ve undergone cesarean section, keep your diet after pregnancy as simple as possible. Your diet should include simple foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, broiled meat and fish, yogurt with raisins, etc.

Eat lots of iron-rich food: Iron is the most essential mineral for new mothers. Lots of women complain about an anemic condition after delivery because a lot of blood loss occurs during delivery. To avoid this condition after childbirth, eat lots of iron-rich foods like egg yolks, red meat, spinach and others.

Include high fiber food: There is a possibility of suffering from constipation after childbirth. It is therefore suggested to eat lots of high-fiber food, which can help you in managing your routine bowel movements.

If you’ve undergone a cesarean section, it can temporarily cause discomfort for your digestive system and can result in gas production and also constipation. The best advice is not to eat when you feel bloated and drink lots of water.


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