Post Partum Weight Loss – Three Simple Tips

Women gain weight when pregnant is a fact; and that they want to lose it afterwards is another.

And though most women want to, they may need some reminding of common weight loss tips for after the baby has arrived:

Breast feeding: A new born baby, when exclusively breast fed can take in as many as five hundred calories a day so in effect that is 500 calories burnt for the new mother. fruits and nuts

When the baby starts solids, he or she may not need as many of the calories to come from mother’s milk but even then 200 to 300 extra calories are being burnt. This is one of the chief reasons that women put on weight during the pregnancy period; to have the resources to breast feed.

Exercise: Work out a simple cardio and weights routine in conjunction with breastfeeding and you will have yourself losing weight without any dieting.

Healthy food choices: Avoid junk food and make healthy food choices such as fresh fruit and vegetables as well as low fat dairy. For snacks, use nuts, fruit and things like carrots to munch on. A cheat meal now and then is not a problem, so long as you keep to eating healthy and nutritious for most of the week.


  1. Yoga can work wonders too..It helps you get back into shape post-partum, just by focusing your energy on toning your entire body and mind.It will not only help you lose fat, but can relive stress as well.Thanks for the great tips.


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