Being a Fit New Mommy with Post Pregnancy Exercises

Getting back in shape after pregnancy might not be as easy as it seems. A lot of people think that all there is need for in case of post pregnancy exercise are abdominal crunches.

There are several different layers of abdominal muscles including rectus abdominis (also known as the ‘six pack’), internal oblique, external oblique and the transverse abdominis.

Training the pelvic muscles

Post Pregnancy ExerciseThese are the muscles that can be found under your bladder, in the pelvic area. In order to perform post pregnancy exercise you will need to stand, sit or lie with your legs slightly apart and you have to use the muscles just as in case you would like to stop urinating and passing wind.

Nonetheless there are some things that you have to remember like the fact that you don’t have to hold your breath while doing postnatal exercises, and never do this while actually urinating because it may cause a urinary tract infection.

This exercise is known as pelvic floor contraction. After you know how to do it, you should start building strength. This means that you should hold position for maximum 10 seconds and then release for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise up to 10 times.

There is another post pregnancy exercise for the same muscle group. For this you will have to contract these muscles as many times as you can in a small period of time. This way they will be able to have a fast reaction in case of laughing, sneezing or coughing.

How to perform postnatal exercises?

In case you would like to regain your flat abs it is important to start working from the outside inwards. You should start by building strength and then move on to the functional control, working with the deepest muscles.

Training the abdominal muscles

The post pregnancy exercise won’t give your original figure back, but the abdominal kind of postnatal exercises could do this for you. All you need to do is to lie on your side, and put your hands between the belly button and the pelvic bones. Remember to breathe normally.

First breathe in and then pull your belly in, away from your hands, then get back to the original position. The next time you do this type of postnatal exercises you should keep the muscles drawn while inhaling and exhaling. At the beginning you should hold for 6 seconds. But you could gradually increase this amount of time.

Pelvic tilt

It might seem that this has nothing to do with the previous exercise, but that’s not quite so. You should move on to this post pregnancy exercise after you have mastered the previous one.

Start with lying on your back with bent knees and with your hands on your abdomen. Again you will have to tighten the abdominal muscles. Then tilt the pelvic area, flattening the small of your back against the floor. Also in case of this type of postnatal exercises you have to hold position for a little while.


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