More Mothers are now Experiencing Postnatal Depression

Postpartum depression (or postnatal depression) is a clinical depression that causes sadness, low energy, sleeplessness, and anxiety in women who have just given birth. According to experts, a quarter of new mothers have experienced this kind of depression today, and it’s on the increase.

While it’s normal for many women to have changes in terms of chemical and hormonal composition inside their body which leads to mood swings some women’s symptoms linger on and develop to the more serious postnatal depression.

mothers are now experiencing postnatal depression

A study featured on The Baby Show revealed that more and more women are experiencing the feeling of loneliness in what should be one of the happiest times in their lives. After all, after 9 months of carrying a baby, following the birth a mother finally get to be with her child. About 50% of the 1,000 controlled group mothers said that they felt isolated after childbirth. Additionally, about 62% said that they did not get the support or treatment they needed to recover from this depression that can severely affect a woman’s personality.

There are only a few aid groups right now like PANDAS that aim to help women overcome postnatal depression. Most family-based charities are about helping kids survive in countries ravaged by war, or aid those who cannot afford a higher education, and it is only now that the world is finally opening their eyes when it comes to discussing problems post-pregnancy.

“Thankfully, it is now much more acceptable to discuss mental health issues and to help raise awareness,” said Wing Yan Lee, The Baby Show’s marketing manager. “Our research has confirmed the need to put this taboo subject in the spotlight in order to provide better support for new parents.”

If you’re experiencing depression, loneliness, and isolation after giving birth, you might want to contact PPD Moms or PANDAS. Don’t take the depression lightly, as it can lead to other things if not addressed properly.

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