Postpartum Anxiety Physical Symptoms

Although it is a real problem, there are only a few people talking about the postpartum anxiety physical symptoms. Usually women don’t even know what is wrong with them; they just feel like there is something out of place. The bad news is that often they think that it’s all in their head and they don’t talk to a specialist.

Postpartum Anxiety Physical Symptoms

What other women have to say?

Some women say that they feel dizzy and slightly off-balance, besides having a jittery and anxious feeling. It is common for women to worry about all kinds of things, such as the household, their health and their family.

Since there is a lot on women’s mind, they should make sure that they ask for help because nobody will think that they are weak if they do.

Some other physical signs of postpartum anxiety

Sometimes women become lightheaded and they feel like they will faint. Having a feeling of being off-balance is also common, and women describe this as something like being drunk. Usually women at this stage go see their doctor and they have different kinds of tests that will all turn out to be normal.


In other cases the postpartum anxiety physical symptoms include tension headaches besides the dizziness and the jittery feeling. Panic attacks can also appear in this case. Although the first reaction of women is to decline taking antidepressants, in the majority of the cases the pills really help.

Dizzy feeling

As you can see, almost all cases of PNA share the same postpartum anxiety physical signs. It is common for women to feel dizzy and this can also be accompanied by a lack of appetite that leads to losing weight and having very little energy.

Sleep problems

Often the women who are struggling with the postpartum anxiety physical symptoms can’t seem to be able to fall asleep, and when they do, they wake up shortly after. Not being able to get a good night’s sleep will decrease the energy level of women even more.

Chest pain

The truth is that the physical warning signs of postpartum anxiety can be quite scary. Sometimes they appear in the form of chest pain and sweats. Because women can’t really find the cause of the problem, they might think that it’s just in their head, especially if this is what the people around them are saying so.

Having the postpartum anxiety physical symptoms is real so seeking treatment proves you are a smart mommy.


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