Postpartum Period – Dealing with the 6 Weeks Challenge

There are many challenges of the postpartum period that the majority of women aren’t prepared for. In case you attend a prenatal class you could receive some information that could turn out to be helpful.

Nonetheless usually the amount of information offered is quite limited regarding the period after childbirth.

What to expect from the period of postpartum

In case you gave birth naturally then you will have to cope with the sore perineum. On the other hand if you had an episiotomy or a C-section you will need to take bigger care to allow the scar to heal. If you opt for breastfeeding, the milk will come within 48 hours of childbirth, and so you could also have sore nipples.

Postpartum Period

There are different aspects of your life that you will have to be careful about in order to make sure that the period after childbirth will be uneventful and joyful.

Vaginal soreness

During the postpartum period it is common to be faced with vaginal soreness. You may feel some level of discomfort while sitting, urinating and walking. This is something normal and it could last between a few days and a couple of weeks.

Postpartum bleeding

When being in the period of postpartum it is absolutely normal to experience some vaginal bleeding. The vaginal discharge that has blood is known as lochia and it is normal for 6 weeks after childbirth.

In the first week you may feel like you have a normal period, but then the bleeding gradually decreases. Cramping and blood clots are also normal during the postpartum period especially in case you are nursing. If the clots are large or if the bleeding is heavy, you should talk to your doctor.


A lot of women don’t know about the period of postpartum that they could experience pain. This factor makes the period more difficult to go through.

They feel like the contractions of labor and the pain is worse if you had previous pregnancies. Also they could get strong if you are nursing and as a result you may feel weak.

This is why a lot of women are looking for remedies for the postpartum period. They could help to decrease or prevent the problem. The best thing you could do is to prepare for this aspect as well through reading about the matter.

Herbal remedies for the period of postpartum

Herbs have been used by women for centuries to make the discomforts of this period better. While some of the remedies could help you a lot, you should make sure that you discuss this option with your doctor before you start with a remedy of any kind.

The herbal remedies that you could be thinking about include Birth Heal and NewMama Drops. There are also some herbs to try using, such as arnica, bellis perennis, hypericum, staphysagria, magnesia phosphorica, secale, sepia, and calendula.

As you can see, there is a lot you could do to make the postpartum period better.


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