What Are the Postpartum Thyroiditis Symptoms?

Before thinking about the postpartum thyroiditis symptoms you should know that this actually refers to the inflammation of the thyroid glands that occurs after childbirth.

This is something that happens in about 5%-10% of all cases but the good news is that there is a lot of information regarding the problem.

Postpartum Thyroiditis Symptoms

The course of the condition

When thinking about the symptoms of postpartum thyroiditis it is good to know that it appears 2-4 months after childbirth. Usually the symptoms are really mild and this is why some women don’t even notice them. The condition can have three courses.

In case you are interested in the postpartum thyroiditis signs remember that there could be the hyperthyroid phase after which the functions return to normal. It is possible to have only a hypothyroid phase, but you might also have a hyperthyroid phase followed by a hypothyroid phase.

Hyperthyroid phase

During this phase the gland cannot control the thyroid hormone release that it stores. As a result there will be too much thyroid hormone in the blood. It is possible that you won’t have any symptoms, but you may experience goiter, nervousness, fatigue, irritability, rapid heartbeat, and feeling hot.

Besides these signs of postpartum thyroiditis, you can also have trembling hands, inability to concentrate, weight loss, and muscle weakness. The symptoms usually last for 8 weeks until the thyroid hormone levels get back to normal. Sometimes the function of the thyroid glands gets back to normal on its own.

Hypothyroid phase

If you were affected by the previously mentioned postpartum thyroiditis symptoms it is possible that the thyroid gland won’t be able to produce enough hormones and this is when hypothyroidism appears. In some cases women don’t have to go through the hypothyroidism phase.

The warning signs of postpartum thyroiditis in this phase include goiter, depression, fatigue, feeling cold, poor memory, muscle cramps, constipation and problems with losing weight. This phase usually appears between the 3rd and 8th months after giving birth. It is a temporary problem that lasts for 6-8 months.

Causes of the postpartum thyroiditis symptoms

The truth is that the specialists don’t really know why the problem arises after a woman gives birth. Nonetheless it is known that there is a given antithyroid antibody present in the bloodstream of the women who are faced with problems of this kind. This could suggest that the condition is an autoimmune one.

In case you are interested in the postpartum thyroiditis warning signs for sure you know that during pregnancy the immune system of women weakens. After giving birth the immune system is reactivated and so it can produce the antibodies that were mentioned before.

Treatment of the postpartum thyroiditis symptoms

In the majority of the cases the most important step for women is to recognize the source of their problems. In some cases women receive levothyroxine, a synthetic hormone that will restore the hormone levels. Usually there is need for a small daily dose for about 6 months.


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