Pregnancy Stretch Marks – Can You Shift Them?

An estimated 75 to 90% of all pregnant women develop stretch marks to a smaller or larger extent. For many women, the stretch marks may be more evident and may appear over larger areas of the body. The question is, whether it is possible to get rid of stretch marks once they appear?

stretch marksPregnancy leaves its mark upon a woman’s body in many different ways and stretch marks are one of them. They appear due to rapid stretching and expansion of the skin, which causes the blood vessels to become visible beneath the stretched skin.

The commonest sites for the appearance of stretch marks are breasts and the abdomen, where pregnant women tend to put on the most weight fast.

According to experts, it is very difficult to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy and as impossible to shift them after the arrival of the baby. Stretch marks will fade with time, but they will always remain. It is possible to use laser treatment to reduce the redness of stretch marks and to help with healing however.

There is little evidence that the many creams, lotions and moisturizers that promise to get rid of stretch marks do actually work. But products containing Vitamin A are probably seen to help.


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