Risks of Driving after C-Section

The women thinking about the risks of driving after C-section should always remember that a C-section is considered to be a major surgery that comes with major risks. It is important to allow your body to heal before you return to your regular activities.

Risks of Driving after C-Section

Information about the risks of driving

While you are sitting and driving, your stomach muscles have to work to maintain your position and to move your legs. As a result it is possible for the incision site to get opened which can lead to a nasty infection that you should try to avoid at all costs.

Safety belt

For sure you know that there are risks regarding post C-section car driving, but there are also some risks if you don’t have a safety belt. However the two don’t really work together.

This is because the safety belt is pressing against your belly, exactly where you had the incision and this could make the incision get infected.


When thinking about the risks of driving after C-section you have to remember that the majority of women are taking pain killers to help them deal with the pain the period right after the surgery. These pills can make women sleepy and groggy, and this might become dangerous if they are driving in this state.

Doctor’s advice

In the majority of the cases the risks of caesarean section and driving make the doctors suggest to their patients not to drive for at least 3-4 weeks after their surgery. The surgery and pregnancy itself weakens the body of women and they may not be able to face driving as they used to.

The risks of driving after C-section don’t refer to you not being able to drive anymore, but usually women feel tired and exhausted in this period and so it is more difficult for them to concentrate on driving. In the same time their reflexes get slower, which could lead to accidents.

It’s all about you

In case you are thinking about the danger of driving after C-section you should know that this rule of not driving was created to protect women. Sometimes women think that they have to solve everything on their own, but during this time you should ask for help because for sure there are people around you who would happily help provided you ask them.

Talk to your doctor about risks of driving after C-section.


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