How to Handle Sex After C-Section?

Don’t forget that women after a C-section are still alive and so it is just natural that they are thinking about sex after C-section.

It is possible that the soreness of the vagina and exhaustion will decrease the libido of women, but still they may get in the mood.

Timing and C-section & sex

Keep in mind that no matter in what way you give birth, your body needs to heal and this takes time.

The majority of the doctors suggest that the patients should wait about 6 weeks before they start having intercourse. This way the cervix will be able to close, the postpartum bleeding will stop and the tears will heal.

Sex After C-SectionAnother important factor regarding C-section and sex is that you have your own timeline. Some of the women feel ready to have sex again after 6 weeks, while others need months or even more. The factors that you should consider include fatigue, changes in the body and postpartum blues.


Although theoretically nothing changes, when it comes to sex after C-section, take into consideration the hormonal changes. These could lead to a tender and dry vagina. To make the situation better you should take it slow. Start with kissing, cuddling or even a massage.

The stimulation should be built gradually when it comes to C-section and sex. If you have problems with vaginal dryness you could use a lubricating gel or cream. You could try different positions to avoid the sore areas and to be able to control the penetration. Make sure that you communicate efficiently with your partner.

One of the traps of sex after C-section is that women have to focus on the moment. Usually this requires the entire brain of women. You should only be focusing on your partner and nothing else. For a short while forget about the household chores and the diapers that need to be thrown away.

When thinking about C-section and sex, it is possible that intercourse may be painful and if this is the case you should talk to your health care provider. Sometimes it is enough to apply on the vagina some estrogen cream. On the downside this could interfere with breastfeeding and milk production.

In case of sex after C-section, it is possible for the incision to be painful, and so you should opt for positions that mean no contact with the incision, such as rear entry or woman on top. Remember that the most important thing in this case is to be patient, to get over your fears and to try new things.

Will it be any different?

The good news regarding sex after C-section is that the baby doesn’t travel through the birth canal, which means that there shouldn’t be much tearing and the muscles won’t stretch either. If you can wait for those 6 weeks, you can be almost sure that there will be no change.

Nonetheless before thinking about C-section and sex, you have to make sure that the incision heals well and that the bleeding in the inside of the uterus has stopped. This happens in the place where the placenta used to be and it occurs in case of every mother, regardless of how she gave birth.

Birth control

If you are considering C-section and sex, you have to make sure that you use a reliable kind of birth control unless you want to become pregnant again so soon. In case you are breastfeeding, it may be a good idea to use spermicides or condoms.

As you can see sex after C-section is safe, but you have to be careful about it.


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