Sleep Deprived? Tips To Help You Get Enough Rest

baby sleepA new baby does not know day or night, he does not know when he is supposed to wake or sleep, he does not realize that mommy and daddy need their sleep. [ Infant sleep]

He follows an internal rhythm all his own, and nothing can parents do to change that at least to begin with. Some of these tips may just come in handy for sleep deprived new parents who feel like they never get any rest:

  • Nap when the baby does. If the baby is taking a nap, hurry up and take one yourself. Yes there is a pile of dishes to be done and perhaps heaps of laundry, but prioritize here; being really tired and then doing some more work is only going to be counterproductive. You may find that even a short nap is able to recharge and revitalize you so that you regain energy enabling you to tackle chores with greater speed and enthusiasm.
  • Make sure baby is fed, changed and comfortable before you take a nap. You are reasonably likely to get some uninterrupted shut eye if baby is less likely to wake up soon.
  • Take turns with baby; it is only fair that one or other parent is not the only one burdened with baby duties. This way both get the rest that they need and deserve.
  • If help is being offered don’t be too proud to accept it. Also don’t be too proud to ask when you need help!


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