Stop Your Breasts From Engorgement After Having Your Baby

The time has finally come, and your gorgeous baby has arrived. You may have had a pregnancy that seemed like it would never end.

You are just relieved that your baby is healthy, and you made it through your pregnancy.

Now you are going to be dealing with what happens after the baby is born.

Your body will still go through some physical changes that you will have to adjust to.

One of these changes is your breasts filling up with milk. Although this is a natural thing you do not want to get breast engorgement.breast engorgement

Engorgement and You

You may feel some swelling in your breasts, after the birth of your baby. This swelling is caused by your veins expanding, and your breasts filling up with milk. You may feel engorgement after your breast excrete its colostrum.

Colostrum is a fluid that comes out of your breast, and is good for your baby. If this is your first baby, you may have more discomfort because of engorgement, than women who have had more than one child. Engorgement in your breasts can cause you to have infections.

Prevent Engorgement

Your baby is your biggest help in preventing engorgement, in your breasts. You should nurse your baby as often as possible. Nursing every two to three hours will help you to prevent this problem.

You will not want to wait too long between feedings, because your breasts, when they are engorged, will be hard for your baby to latch onto. If you will nurse your baby day and night you will be able to release some of the swelling and tension, in your breasts.

Tips to Release Milk

You can purchase a breast pump at any major department store, or your local pharmacy, that will aid you in taking excess milk from your breasts.

Pumping your breast with a breast pump, will help to alleviate your breast engorgement. Using a breast pump will help your breasts’ swelling to go down.

Heat and Massage

If you will use a warm compress on your breast before you breast feed, it will help to stimulate the flow of your milk. Massaging your breast after using the warm compress is another great way to release your breast milk.

It will help your breasts to get rid of unneeded milk. Your breasts will feel a lot better, after you use heat and massage together. This will alleviate some of the pain that you may be feeling, and reduce your chances of getting breast engorgement.

Engorgement When You Bottle Feed

If you are bottle feeding your baby, and not breast feeding, you will not want to pump or release a huge amount of milk, which has formed in your breasts. Pumping or releasing a huge amount of milk will only make more milk and cause engorgement, if you are not breastfeeding.

A small amount of milk can be released, to offer you some relief if necessary. You can put a cold compress wrapped in a towel on your breast, to help with any discomfort.

Use some of these techniques to help prevent breast engorgement.

breast engorgement


  1. hey, i was just wondering how long till i stop leaking its been 2 wks all ready since labor and i have lumps painful lumps and leakage all day its horable i cant even leave my house bec the pads dont help i thought after i gave birth that i would have my body back but i was so wrong please any advice would be in great help i think i have way to much milk ? please help me?:(


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