How to Handle Swelling After C-Section?

It is good to know that it is common to notice feet swelling after C-section.

This is caused by the fluids that you receive through your IV and by water retention. In some cases it can be caused by a commonly used delivery medication known as Pitocin. This induces uterine contractions.

Swelling After C-Section

Walking and C-section swelling

In order to eliminate the swelling, the first thing that you have to do is to start walking. This way you can increase your blood flow and you will have a better circulation, leading to the elimination of the swelling. Naturally you should start slowly; walk on the corridors of the hospital and around your home.

In order to make the swelling caused by C-section better gradually increase the amount of time you spend walking. Make sure that you don’t do any heavy lifting and you should avoid walking up and down the stairs, because this could turn out to be too much for you.

Elevate the legs

When you are in a sitting or reclining position, in order to eliminate the swelling after C-section you should elevate the legs. Place several pillows under your legs so that you will have your feet a few inches above your heart.


Believe it or not, salt also has something to do with C-section and swelling. You should reduce your salt intake and make sure that you have plenty of fluids so that you won’t become dehydrated. However, you shouldn’t eliminate salt from your diet because you need some of it.

Talk to your doctor

After a while the swelling after C-section should get better on its own. If this doesn’t happen after a week or so, you should talk to your health care provider about it. Most probably he or she will want to check your blood pressure to make sure that everything is alright with you.

Pain and swelling

When thinking about swelling and C-section, you have to make sure that if you experience any pain besides the swelling in your feet, legs or calves you tell your doctor about it. This is because it is possible that you have a blood clot and this requires immediate medical attention to make sure that you are safe.

Swelling issues

Besides swelling after C-section you could have swelling in other body parts as well. This is also normal, so you shouldn’t get scared if one day you wake up and your face is swollen. The situation is the same as in case of the legs: the fluids rush to certain body parts, but soon they will disappear.


It is normal for C-section to lead to swelling. Since you have to get rid of the fluids that cause the swelling, you will have to urinate frequently. The good news is that the symptom lasts only until the swelling disappears, meaning a week or two.

You can be sure that you’re not the only one who has to handle swelling after C-section. There are a lot of women in the same situation as you are.


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