Tips For A Speed Recovery After C-Section

C-section can be emotionally and physically challenging for every woman. At times, C-section is safer for mothers and babies than normal delivery.

However, complete recovery from a C-section requires seeking out practical help from others.

After C-section, most women stay with their babies in hospital for almost three days, and will feel the pain after the anesthesia wears off.

To provide relief from the pain, your doctor may prescribe intravenous pain medications.

Soon after C-section, you will be encouraged to walk and move around. This can help you to speed up your recovery and it also helps to prevent dangerous blood clots in your body and constipation [constipation relief].

After you leave home, you should take self-care measures suggested by your doctor.

Here are a few of commonly suggested self-care measures to be followed at home after C-section.

  1. Give yourself enough time to take rest and don’t try to lift any objects heavier than your body until your six-week check-up.
  2. Drink more fluids to replace those lost during your delivery and breast-feeding. Don’t forget to empty your bladder frequently and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.
  3. Avoid sexual intercourse, but don’t ignore intimacy with your partner.
  4. Avoid driving your vehicle until you are capable of handling sudden movements in driving. Even if you think you are ready, practice sudden moves and make sure that you are not feeling any discomfort near incision.

Apart from these, don’t forget to take your medications regularly and promptly. Report your doctor if you notice any signs of infection near the incision.


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