Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Getting Back in Shape

The majority of the new moms are thinking about weight loss after pregnancy.

Luckily there is no big secret to it; there are just three things to keep in mind: healthy diet, exercising and patience.

Losing weight is more complicated than fitting in your old jeans; it should help you adopt a new lifestyle.

Eating habits and weight loss after childbirth

Most probably you have made some changes in your eating habits during pregnancy to support the growth and development of the baby. After you give birth it is still important to have a healthy nutrition, especially when breastfeeding. The right choices could promote weight loss.

Weight Loss after PregnancyFruits, whole grains, vegetables and protein

When thinking about losing weight after baby is born, it is important to think about the sources rich in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

These come with important nutrients and they make you feel full for a longer period of time. You should also have some low-fat dairy products.

The products to consume for weight loss after pregnancy include yogurt, skim milk, and cheeses. To get some protein you should have poultry, beans, fish, beef and pork.

Naturally you should make sure that the meat you have is lean and you should also avoid the bad fats.


The women who are thinking about weight loss after childbirth are often tempted by kinds of foods that aren’t really helpful for their diet. They should make sure to be surrounded by healthy food, and if it is too tempting, they should throw out fast food from the house.

Small portions

Although traditionally people should have three meals per day, losing weight after baby may be easier if you trade these meals for more frequent, smaller meals. Nonetheless don’t skip the meals and there should be no limitation on the amount of fruits and vegetables you have during the day.


If you would like to achieve weight loss after pregnancy, you should avoid stress eating and eat only when you are hungry. In case you are stressed or anxious, find something to distract yourself with.

This way you will simply forget about eating. For instance you could take the baby for a walk and this way you will exercise a bit.

Physical activity

In the past doctors said regarding weight loss after childbirth that women should wait until six weeks after childbirth to start physical exercises. However, nowadays there isn’t any reason to wait. If you have been exercising during your pregnancy and there were no complications, you could start exercising a few days after delivery.

Naturally when it comes to losing weight after baby is born, you should start working out as soon as you feel ready for it. In case you had a C section or experienced some complications during pregnancy or childbirth you should discuss with your doctor when is it right for you to start exercising.

Getting comfortable

Comfort is important when it comes to weight loss after pregnancy. It is best to start exercising after you breastfeed the baby and make sure that you have a supportive bra.

Slow start

To achieve weight loss after childbirth, you should only have some light aerobic activity, like stationary cycling, walking or swimming at the beginning. Then gradually increase the intensity of your workout as you improve your stamina and also start working out for longer periods of time.

 Losing weight after baby isn’t rocket science and if other women managed, you will too. Just don’t expect to see wonders after the first workout session; you must be patient and you must have ambition to succeed and change your life.


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