Abortions Facts That May Surprise You

Abortion is a really hot topic these days, and this is why it is best for women to know about facts on abortion. There is a lot of information available on the matter, so if you are really interested there is no reason for you not to find what you are looking for.

Incidence of the procedure

Almost 50% of all pregnancies end with abortion. Even more, the information about abortion also includes the fact that about 40% of the unintended pregnancies end with an abortion. The information suggests that although they have an unintended pregnancy, women still want to have the baby.

Facts on AbortionWomen and abortions

The sad truth about abortion information is that the number of teenagers having an abortion is quite high; about 18% of all women who have an abortion are teenagers. In the same time women in their 20s have more than 50% of all the abortions.

When looking for facts on abortion you will also find that 36% of all abortions are had by Caucasian women, 30% of the abortions are had by black women and Hispanic women account for 25% percent of all the abortion procedures performed. When it comes to religion, 37% of the women who have the procedure are Protestant and 28% are Catholic.

According to the abortion facts women don’t want to have a child if they don’t have stability. This is why 45% of all abortions are performed on women who don’t have a spouse or a steady relationship. In the same time you should also know that more than 60% of all abortions are performed on women who already have children.


There are a lot of different reasons for which women choose to have an abortion. The facts on abortion say that 75% of women are afraid of the responsibility of having to care for another human being. The same number of women says that they simply can’t afford to have a child.

75% of women say that having a child would interfere with school, work or their ability to care for other people, according to the abortion info. About 50% of women claim that they don’t want to raise a child alone or that they have problems with their spouses or partners.


44% of the women who have the procedure claim that they were using some form of contraception such as the pill or the condom. The majority of women say that they weren’t using the contraception method consistently while others admit that they used the method incorrectly.

In the same time 46% of all women who had an abortion say that they didn’t use a contraceptive method. Some women think that they had little chances of getting pregnant, they were concerned about contraception or had unexpected intercourse.

As you can see there is a lot to know regarding abortion facts. The statistical data can be processed from different points of view to offer relevant information based on the aspects that you are interested in.


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