How to Help Prevent Acne During Pregnancy

When pregnant, the hormones will change dramatically. It leads to mood swings, cravings and even acne. This is all perfectly normal but it is a pain.

Acne during pregnancy may be considered to be one of the worst of all changes as it makes many women feel like they are back in their puberty stage.

What causes acne during pregnancy?

The higher levels of many hormones will cause acne and pimples to form. It is likely that it will appear on all women, whether they suffer from it already or have not had to deal with it for years.

However, there are also some women who will find that the amount of acne decreases due to the change in the hormone levels. There are also some women who only notice it during one stage of the pregnancy, while others suffer from it for the face

The hormones that are responsible for this are called androgens. These hormones cause all the glands in the skin to increase in size, which causes them to create more oils. It is the oil and the fact that more dirt can become clogged in the pores that cause the dreaded pimples to form. Skin cells that die and hair follicles also contribute to pores becoming blocked.

When the pores block, the bacteria behind them will multiply. The bacteria does this quickly, which leads to the skin becoming inflamed. You will hardly notice the inflammation appearing; the first sign that you get is the acne during pregnancy.

Preventing acne during pregnancy

Unfortunately, there is no way of preventing the change in the hormones. This is something that is needed for the baby to grow and for the body to prepare for the birth. However, there are things that can be done to help with cutting the chances of the acne from forming; they are the same as what you would usually do during puberty or on a daily basis to stop any pimples from forming.

You will need to wash your face at least twice a day and you should use a cleanser. There are plenty that can be used by pregnant women, just make sure that you check the labels on any product that you find.

You will also need to wash your face gently. Scrubbing it will just make the skin become irritated; use your hands and avoid exfoliates. When it comes to drying your skin, pat it with a towel.

Never pop or squeeze any of the pimples that form. This usually pushes the bacteria further into the pores and it will make the problem much worse. You will also need to ensure that all makeup is washed off your face each night; otherwise this will clog your pores too. And consider finding makeup and moisturizing creams that are oil free.

Using medication for acne during pregnancy

This is something that you should avoid doing at all costs. Most medications should be avoided while pregnant and you should always consult your doctor before you buy anything. The problem is that many are linked to birth defects and problems during the pregnancy.

The last thing that you want to do is cause any damage to your baby. The acne will go once the pregnancy finishes – if not, then you can consider using medication. For nine months, just follow the above tips and look forward to many of the other joys of pregnancy.


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