All About Pregnancy – From Common to Curious Facts

Pregnancy is supposed to be the happiest period of a woman’s life. Nonetheless the majority of women don’t really know all about pregnancy and this is why they could be faced with some unexpected situations. This is why you should make sure to gather as much information as possible.

Length and facts about pregnancy

It is a known fact that the majority of the pregnancies last about 9 months. Nonetheless it is also possible to be pregnant for over a year. Usually if the pregnancy lasts too long, labor is induced, but there has been a case when a woman was pregnant for 375 days. This puts things in perspective, right?

All About PregnancyMale fetus

There are also some facts about pregnancy regarding the sexuality of the fetus as well. It may be interesting to find out that the male fetus could have erections in the womb as well.

Even more, both of the sexes are said to masturbate in the womb, but only the little boys have been caught by the sonogram.

Vaginal tearing

If you would like to know all about pregnancy think about the fact that 90% of the women experience some degree of vaginal tearing.

While in some cases a bit of care and some stitches take care of the problem, in others the tear goes from the vagina all the way to the anus.

The facts about pregnancy include that the tearing could also affect the muscles of the anus. On the bright side this happens in only 1% of the cases. In order to reduce tearing you should massage the area, but still there is almost no way to stop tearing entirely.

All about pregnancy and bowel movements

Although usually people don’t want to talk about such facts about pregnancy, it is common for women to expel the contents of their bowel during childbirth. This is because the muscles that you have to use to push the baby are about the same ones that you use during bowel movements.

Women wanting to know all about pregnancy also find out about the fact that in the past women were given enemas to avoid situations of this kind, but still in some cases the disaster couldn’t be avoided. Nonetheless medicine has evolved and nowadays the nurses simply clean up the mess.

Pregnancy glow

It is common to tell pregnant women that they glow, but this is one of the facts about pregnancy. Consider that during pregnancy there is 50% more blood in the body than usually. This is why the extra blood shows in some parts of the skin, including the cheeks. This is how strangers know you are pregnant.

When you want to know all about pregnancy, also have in mind the fact that the oil glands become more active than normally and so you will have shinier and softer skin. If you combine these two changes, as a result you will truly look like you have a special glow.

Sense of smell

It is known that the sense of smell gets better. Another one of the facts about pregnancy is that the sense of taste also improves. This may be a measure of precaution to make sure that the pregnant women don’t eat anything that might be dangerous or toxic, such as spoiled food.


Although you may think that the contractions stop after childbirth, if you know all about pregnancy you must be aware of the fact that these go on for the following couple of days. This is the body’s natural way of making sure that the excess blood loss will stop.


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