8 Baby Items to Avoid Buying During or after Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when careful parents tend to buy a lot of stuff for the baby or themselves, thinking that they could need it at any time. But there are so many things that one can avoid buying rather than spending unnecessarily on it.

You may want to go out shopping and buy every cute little thing you spot, but wait and think whether or not you will need it or not. But inspite of this warning, most parents buy useless things anyhow! Here’s a list of the 8 baby items which you can avoid buying during or after pregnancy:

baby items to avoid buying during or after pregnancyWipes warmer

This is one of those items which look attractive to all to-be-parents and they tend to buy it, only to realize later that it wasn’t that useful. Wipes warmer may be used initially to avoid using cold wipes but are hardly ever used later on.

Pacifier wipes

Another item which most people end up buying but can avoid is pacifier wipes. These wipes not only take up a lot of space in your diaper bag but also hardly find any use because you can easily rinse the baby’s pacifier at the nearest restroom.

Room set

It is true that we all love to match the rooms furniture with bed sets and room sets but for a baby, buying matching sets may just mean wastage of money. After a while, everything tends to get mismatched and there are so many other things to look after, that the last thing you want to do is get the matching right.

Jogging stroller

A jogging stroller is one of those baby items which might be used by really active parents but is not something which you would need compulsorily. Even if you are big on marathons or like jogging everyday, you might not use this item that much.


Infants or newly borns may not use rattles from an initial period. Rattles are not used until the baby turns a little older. This is so because babies cannot maintain affirm grip initially and may not be able to hold something which is as heavy as a rattle.

Stuffed animals

Most babies do not use or get attached to stuffed animals until they turn a little older. You might buy a few of these but would find them lying idly in the crib.


Many kids refuse to eat with bibs attached to their necks. Babies might outgrow those colorful bibs before they can prove really useful and this makes them another item which you can avoid buying and use a towel instead. If you will need to buy bibs, make sure you buy loose or comfortable ones.

Too many infant clothes

You sure will need many pairs of infant clothes but avoid buying too many as babies tend to grow very fast and once they grow, all clothes will go to waste. If you have a relative who has had a baby recently, try borrowing a few pairs from them.


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