What Does Bleeding During Ovulation Mean?

There are some women who experience some bleeding or spotting in the middle of their menstrual cycle, and most probably this is caused by bleeding during ovulation. At the beginning you may think that you have an extra period. Although it may be bothering, there is a good reason for this.

Information about ovulation and bleeding

A lot of women think that the bleeding is caused by ovulation itself or by the onset of ovulation, but scientific data shows us that the bleeding is caused by a drop of estrogen level. Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that there is something wrong with you, this is something normal.

Bleeding During Ovulation

Bleeding and estrogen

When thinking about ovulation and bleeding you should know that during their period, women have constant estrogen levels. Once the bleeding stops, the estrogen levels increase, making the lining of the uterus thicken. During this period some other hormones prepare ovaries to release an egg.

Right before bleeding, during ovulation the estrogen levels start rising and it touches a peak when the egg is released. Before the ovulation the estrogen levels start decreasing, but they are still relatively high. After ovulation the hormone levels start rising again and in case the egg wasn’t fertilized, it drops again.

Bleeding in the middle of the cycle

Ovulation and bleeding could be experienced during the first drop of estrogen, even though in the majority of the cases this doesn’t cause bleeding. Women have their period during the second drop of estrogen, but the first one could also trigger some bleeding that is brief and light.

Come up with a plan

If you have to be thinking about bleeding during ovulation, although it is quite annoying, it may turn out to be useful when planning a pregnancy because you can precisely predict when you will ovulate. Nonetheless it would be better to make some tests to make sure that the bleeding isn’t caused by something else.

In case you are thinking about ovulation and bleeding as a way of prediction, it would be better to use some other prediction methods as well, such as an ovulation kit. If you know when you will ovulate you can plan to have intercourse right before it happens to increase the chances of conception.

Rare problems

Although it’s rare, there are some women who suffer from disorders with bleeding during ovulation. It is normal to have some minor bleeding when the egg is released. Usually there are no other symptoms and women can already predict when they will have the bleeding.

Nonetheless, when thinking about ovulation and bleeding we also have to think about women with a clotting disorder and in their case such bleeding could be a serious problem. It is possible for these women to bleed into their abdomen and they could suffer from pain or even have a shock.

In case you are having problems with bleeding during ovulation, one of the things that you could try is to take birth control pills. Their advantage is that they regulate the menstrual cycle so it is possible that you will get rid of the bleeding from the middle of your cycle.

Seeing the doctor

Although we may be referring to ovulation and bleeding, in case you experience abnormal bleeding you should make sure to see your doctor. It is possible that there is a simple explanation for your problem and that it will go away, but it is also possible that you have to face more serious conditions.

In case you have bleeding during ovulation you should know that you’re not the only one.


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