Is It Safe to Consider Body Piercing During Pregnancy?

Usually girls like to pierce their body at genital area, belly button, ears, nose, mouth and nipples. Puncturing the skin during pregnancy is not a good idea as there is higher risk for an infection, which again spreads to your baby through the blood. During the pregnancy, your immune system becomes weak, so you are more prone to infections.

Here is important information that helps you in caring if you already have pierced your body and in making the right decision if you want to consider new piercings.

Body Piercing During PregnancyConsidering new piercings

It is not suggested for a pregnant woman to get new body piercings. During pregnancy, your body’s resistance decreases to fight against the infections.

So, there is high risk of developing the infection and transmitting into the bloodstream and finally affecting your unborn baby.

Also, pregnancy causes greater changes that make the piercing to become bigger than it would be after the pregnancy.

How to care for the old piercings:

Genital piercings

If the pierced area is completely healed and not bothering you, then you can keep it until you are near to the due date. If you have pierced recently and not healed completely, then you need to remove it due to the risk of infection.

Remove the genital piercings before the labor begins because the vaginal trauma is higher at the time of child birth. Clean the piercings well with water and soap to avoid the inflammation at the area.

Belly rings

Wear the belly ring until you feel comfortable. If it is uncomfortable and not completely healed, you need to remove it. Also, some hospitals don’t allow you to have the belly ring in the labor room. So, replace the jewelry with Teflon body jewelry or clean fishing line.

Nipple piercing

Remove the nipple piercings immediately after the confirmation of your pregnancy. You are not allowed to wear nipple rings while breastfeeding as they can cause choking hazards and interfere with your baby’s latch.

The piercings take time to heal before you nurse your baby so that you need to remove them early. If they are not healed completely, breast milk comes out through them and it will be a problem to nurse your baby directly.

If you don’t want to breastfeed your baby and the piercings are healed completely, then you can wear the jewelry until you feel comfortable. Clean the piercings with water and soap as long as you wear the jewelry.


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