Can A Woman Be Allergic To Pregnancy?

It may sound rather bizarre, but it is in fact possible to have an allergic reaction to pregnancy, as the story of Andrea McEwan, 26 years of age seems to prove.

allergic to pregnancySevere vomiting and weight loss marked this pregnancy and about three months of the period of gestation was spent in hospital, but in the end the mother and baby managed to pull through.

It was the body’s severe allergic reaction to the pregnancy, which resulted in hyperemesis gravidum (HG), the problems beginning at 3 weeks gestation.

The first month of pregnancy was spent in hospital and there were 9 other hospital stays for this mother to be, who threw up about 20 times in a day and couldn’t even keep down water and hence had to be administered a drip in hospital.

As a result of constant vomiting, there was a torn esophagus, and damaged teeth and gums as well.

The severe vomiting made it impossible for the mother to be to continue a normal life and this continued throughout her pregnancy and even during labor.

However, as soon as the 8 pound Kurt was born, the vomiting stopped. It was “like flicking a switch” said the new mother, who says her little baby boy has made it all worthwhile!


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