The Cause for Ovulation Pain

It is possible that you have noticed ovulation pain in the side of your abdomen. In case you are focusing on the signs that your body is sending you.

Besides pain you could also see some other changes, such as in the cervical mucus, tender breasts and bloating. This is a sign that not all women notice, and it occurs in only 20% of the cases.

What does pain when ovulating feel like?

Some of the women say that it is a kind of pinching feeling, while others say that it is something like the menstrual cramps. Usually it occurs on the side of the abdomen, around the hipbone. It is a known fact that during a cycle the ovaries of women release an egg. This is released through the rupture of a small follicle.

Ovulation PainThe pain during ovulation is caused by this rupture and it is also possible to be accompanied by bleeding or spotting.

In case you keep track of the changes, you may see that the pain appears on a different side each month. This is because women don’t ovulate from the same ovary all the time.

How long does the pain last?

In case you are interested in ovulation pain, you should know that during ovulation the egg escapes from the follicle and it travels through the fallopian tube.

In this period the fallopian tube has rhythmical contractions in order to help push the egg through the tube towards the uterus.

The pain when ovulating is caused by the fact that the follicle bursts. This is supposed to be followed by a bit of cramping because of the contractions of the fallopian tube. So first you should have the pinching pain and then some dull cramping. It is possible to notice only one of these pains.

Painful ovulation

In the majority of the cases the pain during ovulation is mild and it disappears a after a day or two. If the pain that you feel is more severe, chances are that you are affected by something else than ovulation pain. There are different kinds of conditions that you could be affected by.

If it’s not ovulation pain that you feel, then you could be thinking about appendicitis, ovarian cysts or even endometriosis. In case you experience severe pain that you never felt before and it doesn’t go away after a couple of days the best thing you could do is to contact your health care provider.

Making the ovulation pain better

Even if you are affected by pain when ovulating, there are some things that you could do to make things better, such as drinking plenty of water. Dehydration makes the cramps even worse. Make sure that you drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep the pain at bay.

Pain during ovulation could also be made better by taking a hot bath. This is because the warm water helps you relax and it also relaxes the muscles that are contracting in your abdomen during ovulation.


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