Know More About Cholestasis of Pregnancy Natural Treatment

In case you are interested in the cholestasis of pregnancy natural treatment you should know that cholestasis is a condition that affects women during the third trimester of pregnancy.

It means that the liver’s bile flow gets blocked and so women can experience itchiness on the feet and hands.

Cholestasis of Pregnancy Natural Treatment

Natural treatment for cholestasis of pregnancy

When the doctor is checking for treatments, he or she might ask you to take certain kinds of medications and to use topical creams or lotions that come with corticosteroids. In the same time you could also use home remedies to make the itchiness better.

Home remedies

When it comes to pregnancy cholestasis natural treatment you may consider cornstarch that is one of the best home remedies. This relieves the itchiness. There are no known side effects of the home remedy, so it is considered to be safe during pregnancy as well.

All you have to do in case of this cholestasis of pregnancy natural treatment is to fill the bathtub with water and add some cornstarch to it. Soak in the water for 10-15 minutes and rinse off your body. Although the remedy makes the itchiness better, it doesn’t treat the underlying condition.

Warm water and careful monitoring

Another option that you have for natural treatment for pregnancy cholestasis is to soak in warm water for a while. If you develop this condition, your doctor will have to monitor you very carefully. If you are past the 37th week of pregnancy, the doctor can suggest an early delivery.

The treatment

Usually the treatment has two main goals: to make the itchiness better and to prevent the possible complications. In order to avoid the complications, you might have to have early labor.

If the condition appears before the 37th week of pregnancy, since there isn’t any better pregnancy cholestasis treatment that is natural, your doctor will ask you to have regular ultrasounds to monitor the movement and the heartbeat of the baby. To make the itching better, your doctor could suggest certain medications, such as ursudeoxycholic. The lotions and creams that contain corticosteroids can also turn out to be helpful.

If you are faced with the problem, you should be looking for cholestasis of pregnancy natural treatment instead of the artificial medication because home remedies are always better than the treatment plans that involve medications.


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