10 Most Common Food Cravings During Pregnancy

It is a very well established fact that pregnancy is about food cravings. While some women may crave unusual items like chalk, some may crave for a lot of sweets and desserts. It is said that pregnant women must give in to their cravings and this is something that puts them in a great spot.

Every woman may have her own set of cravings but there are certain items which are most common food cravings for pregnant females. The following is a list of the top 10 most common food cravings during pregnancy:

food cravings during pregnancy1. Ice

It is common for pregnant women to love to chew on ice. This may not really be a food item but is very satisfying for pregnant women to have. Those with anemia are more likely to have a craving for ice every now and then.

2. Chocolate

Another item which a lot of pregnant women cannot get enough of is chocolate. Chocolate not only makes one feel happy but also satisfies those taste buds which long for something sweet. It is said that those who crave chocolates may be carrying a girl.

3. Spicy foods

Many pregnant ladies just love to have something hot and spicy. Foods like curry or hot red peppers are common cravings for pregnant women.

4. Potato chips

Potato chips especially the ones with salt are often craved for by many pregnant women. Potato chips are high on calories and fat and thus help in satisfying the taste buds of many pregnant women.

5. Fruit

It may sound unusual but pregnant women don’t only crave for junk food but also fruits. This is possibly the best craving as it helps the baby to grow into a healthy person and also helps you take in all important nutrients.

6. Lemon

The taste buds change during pregnancy and many pregnant women may develop a strange liking towards lemon or lemon juice. They may wish to have more of sour food or super spicy foods.

7. Ice cream

You must have experienced this great liking and craving for ice cream during pregnancy even if you weren’t too fond of it earlier. Ice cream is sweat and is creamy and rich. If you don’t wish to indulge, then you can opt for the low fat vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh fruits topped on it.

8. Coffee

Even though your doctor will advise you to stay away from coffee due to the high quantity of caffeine in it, you may still crave it pretty badly when pregnant. Coffee makes one more alert and reduces headaches and depression as well and this is one reason you may not get enough of it. But always consult your doctor before indulging.

9. Soda

Soda is another item which is craved by many who are pregnant. Soda is fizzy and settles the stomach or the unusual feeling in the stomach and this is the reason for the craving.

10. Pickles

Women who have craving for pickles may be low on sodium. This too is among the top craving for pregnant women.

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