Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby Boy

There are a lot of people who would like to influence the gender of their baby. This is why they are looking for sex positions to conceive baby boy.

In order to know what to do, you should know a little more about the sperm and the characteristics that they have.

Modified doggy style as one of the sex positions to have a boy

During this position the woman doesn’t stand on her knees and hands, but she has to proceed into a leapfrog position, with her knees and hands beneath her body. This way the penetration will be deeper and the sperms with the Y chromosome will have a higher chance to get to the egg first.

Sex Positions to Conceive a BoyPillow rump

In case of this sex position to have a baby boy the pleasure of the woman is also taken into consideration. It is something like the missionary, but there is a pillow placed under the bottom of the woman.

This is important to have the hips inclined, the sperm having a straight way to the cervix.

Anvil position

In order to use this one of the sex positions to conceive a boy you must have core strength and flexibility.

When being in the missionary position the woman has to bend her knees and press her feet against the chest of the man. She could also press them against the shoulders of her partner.

Just as in the previous case, when using this sex position for having a boy the woman could use a blanket or pillow to incline the pelvic tract.

It is also a good idea to raise the pelvis when the man ejaculates so that the reproductive track will straighten out.

Stand up

Although this one of the sexual positions to conceive a baby boy may look strange, if you have sex while standing up, you can make the best of the fact that the sperm with the X chromosome swim faster. The rest of the sperm will be slowed down by gravitation and the sperms with the Y chromosome will have higher chances.

Delight as one of the sexual position to conceive a boy

This one of the sex positions to conceive a baby boy may be difficult for the beginners and it may require some experience. For this the woman should sit on the edge of the bed so that the man can penetrate her while being on his knees. This way it will be easier for the sperm to reach the uterus.


When looking for sexual positions to have a boy you should consider those that make it possible for the woman to have several orgasms in a short period of time. As the walls of the uterus contract they could help the sperm pass through the cervix faster and so the chances of having a boy increase.


This is also among great sex positions to conceive a boy. In the same time it is a really intimate position and it can help you get to know the body of your partner better.


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