All About Trying to Conceive a Girl

Although some people say that there is no way to determine in advance the sex of the baby, still there are some people asking how to have a girl. If you are one of them then you should find out more about the Shettles method. In case you follow the rules, you increase your chances to have a girl to 75%-80%.

Female and male sperm and having a girl

The sex of the baby depends entirely in the sperm of your partner. It is important to know that female sperm are larger than male sperm and they live longer. However in the same time they are slower too. This means that you have sex a couple days before ovulation you have higher chances of having a girl.

Conceive A GirlWhen to have intercourse if trying to conceive a girl?

If you want to conceive a girl it is good to know that timing is more difficult than in case of boys. In this case you have to have intercourse before ovulation. If you have sex too close to your ovulation you could end up with a boy. Keep in mind that sperm is able to survive in the reproductive tract for up to 5 days.

This means that if you want to have a girl you ought to have sex before you ovulate, but you still have to make sure that sperm will survive until then. If you do it right, male sperm won’t be there when the egg is released.

Don’t have intercourse a couple of days before you ovulate.

The downside of trying to conceive a girl is that the women who have irregular cycles might find it difficult to know when they ovulate. It is possible that they ovulate sooner than they thought and so they could end up with having a little boy.

Ovulation kits

When you are going for a girl there is no real point in using a kit for ovulation. This is because you are supposed to have sex even before you ovulate. The only thing that the ovulation kit could help you with is to know whether you had the timing right.

When not to have intercourse?

In case you are wondering how to have a girl it is best not to have sex two days before your ovulation. During this time you should opt for some kind of barrier method. Again this is something difficult for women with irregular cycles. In this case you should start having sex starting with the moment when you notice fertile cervical mucus.

Downsides of wishing for a girl

The truth is that if you use this method it still isn’t sure that you will have a daughter. Even more, you could get frustrated because you don’t get pregnant as fast as you were hoping you would. If you don’t get pregnant, you should start having sex a bit closer to your fertile window.

When people want to conceive a girl they limit the number of times they have sex and this could decrease their chances.


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