Depression During Pregnancy – Symptoms You Should Not Overlook

In case you are thinking about depression during pregnancy symptoms you should know that this is a very serious mental condition that affects the entire body of women.

It occurs in about 10%-20% of the cases. If the problem isn’t treated, it could have severe consequences.

depression during pregnancy symptoms


The women who are faced with problems of this kind and who don’t get help most probably won’t receive adequate prenatal care, they won’t have a balanced nutrition and they won’t rest enough. As a result they could have premature delivery, a baby with low birth weight or developmental problems.


When it comes to the signs of depression during pregnancy it is important to recognize the first signs. These include a change in the sleeping patterns, some change in the habits of eating, experiencing depression for more than two weeks, lack of joy and thoughts of suicide or death.


If you are thinking about the depression during pregnancy symptoms you should know that in many cases these problems are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, thinking that it is only hormonal imbalance. This is because the changes in appetite, loss of energy and the changes of the sleep patterns also appear in case of the hormonal imbalances.

Solution and prevention

There are several different treatment options for this problem, such as support groups, medication, private psychotherapy and light therapy. Naturally there are some alternative options as well, such as acupuncture or acupressure that can relax women and make them able to enjoy life.


If you think that you see any of the depression during pregnancy symptoms, you shouldn’t try to treat yourself. Your best option is to see a specialist who will assess your situation and who will be able to give you an educated opinion. This way your treatment will be tailored to your needs.

Common antenatal depression symptoms

The most common symptoms include lack of concentration, problems with making decisions, anxiety regarding parenthood, feeling numb, being irritable, sleeping problems that have nothing to do with pregnancy, fatigue, not wanting to eat or wanting to eat all the time and weight gain or weight loss with no apparent reason.

It is important for all women to know about the depression during pregnancy symptoms because they can never know when they will see them manifest and they will also have to recognize them in the moment they experience them for the first time.


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