Find Out the Truth About Fetal Alcohol Effects

According to the official information, pregnant women shouldn’t have any form of alcohol during their pregnancy because of the fetal alcohol effects.

This is why, it’s very important to raise the awareness regarding the negative effects that this substance could have on the fetus.

Information regarding the effects of alcohol on the fetus

It is a known fact that in the U. S. alcohol exposure is the main reason of birth defects. The drinking of the substance leads to brain damage along with behavioral problems in case of the baby. Although these are serious problems, they can be prevented in 100% of the cases.

Fetal Alcohol EffectsFacts regarding the effects of alcohol on the baby

There are thousands of children born on a yearly basis affected by such problems. Although alcohol doesn’t really affect adults, it causes damages to the baby. This is because his or her organs aren’t fully developed yet.

The dangers of the baby being affected by birth defects rise significantly even in case the mother has only one drink per day. Studies have shown that the fetal alcohol effects can be seen even if the mother has only the smallest amount of alcohol.

The fetal alcohol syndrome is not a problem affecting babies only during the first years of their lives. As these children grow they will be faced with severe health and behavioral issues.


When it comes to the baby alcohol effects, it is possible for the little one to be affected by slow growth or delayed mental development. He or she could have unusual facial features. They could also be affected by neurological and brain disorders. These children may manifest irritability, mental retardation or unusual attachment towards their father.

If you are interested in the fetal alcohol effects, you should know that these evolve with the age of the child. When children go to school they could have learning problems, inadequate social boundaries, low tolerance regarding frustration and they could also have difficulties with their reading abilities.

Those children that suffer from the side effects of alcohol on the fetus are better to be assessed by a pediatrician and also a psychiatrist.

Sadly in many cases the professionals don’t take into account this option when there are problems with the behavior of a child.

The sad news regarding the fetal alcohol effects is that the damage that they have on the brain of the child are irreversible. Nonetheless if the problem is found at early stages and if measures are taken, the severity of the problem could be significantly reduced.

In case you have to be thinking about the side effects of alcohol on the baby, remember that occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education could help to improve the quality of life for such a child.

As you can see, the fetal alcohol effects aren’t something you would want to risk because they mark the life of the child forever. Even if in some countries, it is accepted for the mothers to have a drink every now and then, should future mothers take the risk!


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