Find Out All About Hair Loss During Pregnancy Reason

In case you are looking for the hair loss during pregnancy reason you should know that about 90% of your hair is growing at once, while the rest of 10% is in the resting phase.

About 40%-50% of all pregnant women notice hair loss, but just like the majority of the other changes, this is only temporary.

Hair Loss During Pregnancy Reason

Abnormal reason for hair loss during pregnancy

In the majority of the cases the hair loss connected to pregnancy happens after childbirth. When you are pregnant there is more hair in the resting phase, which is normal. You will not have permanent hair loss or bald spots. If you think that your hair loss is more serious, it is possible that you have a mineral or vitamin deficiency.

Hair loss and pregnancy

When thinking about the reason of pregnancy hair loss it is good to know that the symptom appears 3 months after childbirth. During pregnancy you have a higher level of hormones and this prevents the hair from falling out. After childbirth the hormone levels go back to normal and so the hair will fall out and things will go back to normal.

Keep in mind regarding hair loss during pregnancy reason that during pregnancy regular hair loss is delayed and after pregnancy all that hair falls out at once. About 60% of your hair that was in the growth state can enter the resting phase. The hair loss is the worst 3-4 months after childbirth because it takes time for the hair follicles to rejuvenate.

Reproductive health issues

If you are interested in the causes of pregnancy hair loss it is good to know that hair loss can be caused by anything that makes the estrogen levels raise. Such triggers involve discontinuing the contraceptive pills or other birth control methods based on hormones, abortion, stillbirth, miscarriage or a hormonal imbalance.

The bright side

During pregnancy the estrogen levels are higher. Estrogen makes the hair stay in the growth phase and it stimulates hair growth. During pregnancy you are supposed to have a lot of hair.

Avoiding hair loss and the causes of hair loss during pregnancy

There are some things that you can do regarding the hair loss during pregnancy reason. For instance you could see a doctor and discuss your hormonal balance. You shouldn’t have cornrows, pigtails, or braids, because they stress the hair.


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