Is It Safe to Practice High Impact Workouts During Pregnancy?

No, for most of the pregnant women, it is better to practice low-impact exercises as it is a great way to feel better, look better and help to prepare your body for labor.

Practicing low impact workouts greatly increases your heart rate and oxygen intake whereas helping you avoid rapid or grating measures that put stress on your joints, muscles and bones.

Unless your doctor suggests you otherwise, you should only stick to low impact workouts.

High Impact Workouts During PregnancyStudies recommend that each week, 150 minutes of modest intensity aerobic movement is healthy for pregnant women, who are not highly active or used to doing strong intensity activity.

Before becoming pregnant, if you were very vigorous or used to do intense aerobic workouts, then you can continue with the same routine until your doctor tells it is not dangerous for you and your developing baby.

Workouts that should be avoided during pregnancy include:

  • weight training
  • Sit ups
  • Bouncing
  • Scuba diving
  • Leaping
  • Jarring or anything that needs various up and down movements, such as horseback riding
  • A rapid alter in direction, such as downhill skiing

Jogging and running during pregnancy

If you continue running during pregnancy, then there is a greater chance to have short and low weight babies. If you have any of the pregnancy complications, it is better to stop running and jogging.

Spinning and bicycling during pregnancy

Cycling a stationary bike is a good way of exercising, which increases your heart rate. But, during the last trimester, it is very difficult for cycling and you can’t reach the handle bars easily.

Weight lifting during pregnancy

Avoid weight lifting if you have risk of any of the pregnancy complications or miscarriage. Talk with your doctor about any specific considerations related to weight lifting.

Skiing during pregnancy

Snow and water skiing are both associated with risk of falls and major risk for injuries, so these are not recommended for a pregnant woman.

High impact aerobics during pregnancy

These exercises involve hopping, bouncing, extensive jumping during the routine. These workouts affect your balance and coordination thereby making you more vulnerable to injury. If you are at a risk of miscarriage, you should avoid aerobic exercises.

Contact sports during pregnancy

Pregnant women should avoid activities that allow direct trauma to the abdomen. So, you should strictly avoid sports during pregnancy.

Risks of high impact workouts to your baby

High impact workouts can lead to increased pressure on the structures in the uterus that lead to bleeding or premature labor.

Instead of high impact workouts, you can do swimming, walking, Pilates, yoga and water aerobics. Before starting or continuing with any exercise routine, you must talk to your practitioner.


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