7 Interesting Things Baby Do in the Womb

We all know that the journey of the pregnancy naturally extends over a period of nine months. In these nine months or trimesters of 3 months each the baby (or the fetus) goes through different stages of development and growth.

And through these different stages of growth/ development, there are actually a lot of interesting things that babies do when in the womb. Presented below is a list of the few interesting things that are discovered as done by the baby when still in the womb.

interesting things baby do in the womb

1. Sucking on their Thumb

Yes, it has been scientifically proven that the babies start sucking on their thumbs when still in the womb of the mother. Though they develop the trait only when they are about to be born, that is, somewhere around the ending of the last trimester. But it’s like the baby is getting ready for how he/ she is going to feed outside.

2. Babies Get Startled

Babies get startled inside the womb when their mothers sneeze because they are shaken and scared. They also react the same way to any other loud sounds such as a dog barking or a loud honking of the car horn etc.

3. They can Cry in the Womb

It has been found that babies do cry in the womb which is observed to occur after the 26th week marker post conception. Many ultrasounds have also revealed that babies react to the sound of their mother laughing by bouncing up and down in the womb.

4. Hiccups

Babies get hiccups even inside the womb. The hiccupping of the baby results in the belly jumps experienced by the mother. Many pregnant women would thus attest to this fact. The hiccups though cute can be annoying for some mothers when in the uneasy last trimester of pregnancy.

5. The Sense of Smelling

The sense of smelling in a bay starts to develop inside the womb and they can thus smell just as their mothers. It has been discovered that by the end of the first trimester the baby can in fact smell the food eaten by the mother. The babies also jump at the smell of a cigarette.

6. Yawning

Babies have been discovered to yawn in the womb through many ultrasound images. Whether what causes the baby to yawn is the boredom of being alone and having nothing to do is a matter of plain contemplation and guess work. But whatever causes them to yawn; they sure are adorable doing all that they do. 

7. Dreaming

There are indication (though not yet solidified by scientific backing) that the babies can dream when in the womb. It is said that there are rapid eye movements of the baby in the last trimester which may be taken as the indication that the babies are dreaming at the time.

These were few of the fun facts about the interesting things babies do in the womb, indicating that there is life before they are technically born in the real world. Amazing!


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