Is Hair Loss After Pregnancy Normal For Every Woman?

Pregnancy changes your entire body, including your hair also.

Hair loss after pregnancy is really normal, similar to the hair loss during pregnancy. This is a major concern for many women.

Similar to various changes developed during pregnancy, hair loss is also a temporary problem that you will face.

Normal hair loss for every woman is 100-125 hairs per day, but after delivery this will be increased to 500 a day.

40-50% of pregnant women face hair loss after pregnancy. This process continues for three months after your delivery.

Why hair loss after pregnancy happen to many women?

The main reason behind hair loss after pregnancy is, during your pregnancy the increased levels of hormones keeps your hair away from falling, but once after your delivery, the hormones return into their original levels, thus allowing hair fall to return to the normal cycle.

During pregnancy, your body produces increased levels of estrogen in order to support the health and growth of yours and your baby. High levels of estrogen can lead to hair growth. Also, estrogen boosts your metabolism thus allowing the nutrients to spread every where in your body, including your hair also.

Some of you can easily recover from hair loss, while for some others; it takes longer time to re-grow the lost hair in the moths after your delivery. This is mainly due to post-natal depression and lowered self esteem.

Coping with hair loss after pregnancy:

  • Consult your health care provider to get the hormones into normal levels.
    Hair loss after pregnancy
  • Consume the diet which is high in fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants in your diet protect the hair follicles and encourage your hair growth.
  • Avoid the usage of tight hair rollers, braids, cornrows, pigtails and hair weaves which can pull and stress your hair.
  • Try to use the shampoo and hair conditioner, which contain silica and biotin.

Vitamin supplements that prevent hair fall after pregnancy and encourage hair growth include:

  • Biotin
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin Efitnse
  • Zinc

But, before going to take any of these supplements, consult your doctor whether they are good for your health condition or not.

You can also try for herbal hair treatments. They can help in improving the follicles condition, removes the blockages of the lumen in your blood vessels, thus ensuring enough blood supply to your hair [Home remedies for hair loss].

There is a little that you can do to prevent shedding. You will observe shedding when you are shampooing or brushing your hair. So, shampoo your hair less frequently or allow your hair to dry naturally rather than brushing.

Hair loss after pregnancy can lead to depression and lower self esteem along with the condition of mood swings and raging hormones. You need to ensure that your diet is good and your body is getting enough minerals and vitamins.


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