Is It Necessary To Avoid Over-The-Counter And Prescription Medications During Your Pregnancy?

Yes, it is necessary. You need to avoid various medications throughout your pregnancy, because taking various medicines during pregnancy can result in various health problems.

You should talk with your doctor about what type of prescription and over-the-counter drugs you can and cannot use throughout your pregnancy.

So, you need to bear some of the pregnancy-related symptoms like constipation and heartburn without using any medications.

The problems that can arise when you take the medicines during your pregnancy are, the medicines can easily cross the placenta and enter into your baby’s bloodstream.

Medications during pregnancy

Medicine particles are very tiny, so they can easily cross the placenta along the nutrients required for your baby development.

Possible risks on your baby with the use of medications:

First trimester is the most important period during your pregnancy. Some medications can cause very serious complications when you take them in the first trimester, but sometimes they are safe in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

First trimester is the stage in which your baby’s organs start to grow. So, when you take medicines at this time, it can seriously affect the growth of the organs. Sometimes, this can also lead to malformations and birth defects. If the defects become very serious, then it can lead to miscarriage.

Second trimester is the stage in which your baby’s central nervous system starts to develop. When you take the medicines during this time, it can interfere with the baby’s nervous system and also with the growth of your baby.

These conditions finally lead to low birth weight. But, usually some experts believe that second trimester is the safest period to take the medications.

In third trimester, when you take the medicines, they can cause some complications like breathing problems after your baby’s birth. Medicines still remain in your baby’s body even after the birth and the baby cannot able to tolerate the medicine in her bloodstream as you can.

Medications you take can also directly affect your baby within the womb. Some medications can lead to contractions of the womb. They reduce the blood flow to your baby, whereas some other medications can cause early, late or extended labor; all of these can cause a threat to your baby.

Thinking about what to do to avoid the threat for your baby? It is better not to take any medications that can put your baby at risk and talk to your doctor about the medications. You will not be aware of which medications are safe and which are not. So, it is better to avoid over-the-counter and prescription medications apart from prenatal vitamin supplements.

So, to overcome from the pregnancy symptoms like constipation, heartburn, indigestion, headaches, backaches, etc, alter your diet intake. Drink more and more fluids, get a massage, and practice gentle stretches.


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