Is It Safe To Use Illegal Street Drugs During Pregnancy?

You should be very careful about and closely watch what you put into your body during pregnancy.

Taking illegal drugs is very dangerous for both you and your unborn baby.

Various studies showed that intake of illegal drugs during pregnancy can lead to placental abruption, miscarriage, premature labor, fetal death, low birth weight and also maternal death.

Here is some useful information you should know about:


Cocaine is the most powerful stimulant of the central nervous system. It can cross the placenta and enter into your baby’s blood stream. This drug can cause severe brain damage as well as death of the fetus.illegal drug

Cocaine elimination is much slower in the fetus than in an adult, which means cocaine exists for a longer period in your baby’s body.

Effects of cocaine on a developing fetus: The use of cocaine during pregnancy, particularly during the initial weeks can increase the risk of miscarriage. Its use during later pregnancy can increase the risk of premature labor.

The usage of this drug can also lead to the separation of placenta from uterine walls before labor starts. If this is the case, it can cause severe bleeding and will be dangerous for both you and your baby.

There are many birth defects associated with the usage of cocaine. They include abnormalities of the baby’s heart, eyes, brain, face, skull, genitals, limbs, intestine and also the urinary tract.

The usage of this drug reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your developing baby. The baby looks smaller; even it is full-term pregnancy. If the baby is born underweight, there are greater chances for death compared to babies with normal weight.

Exposure to cocaine keeps your baby at an increased risk of permanent disabilities like cerebral palsy, hearing and visual impairments. Sometimes, your baby will have feeding difficulties as well as sleep disturbances.


This drug can cross the placenta and enter into your baby’s bloodstream. Similar to cigarette smoke, marijuana also contains toxins that avoid the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed for the development of your baby.

There is little evidence about the effect of marijuana on your pregnancy. But, some studies tell that regular usage of drugs can lead to fetal growth retardation and low birth weight. Occasional use of marijuana has not been shown to cause any birth defects.

Consumption of marijuana during pregnancy increases the chances of premature birth, miscarriage, low birth weight, developmental delays and learning and behavioral problems and also an increased risk of cot death (SIDS).

Effects of marijuana on the developing fetus: Marijuana consumption increases carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels in the bloodstream, which decreases oxygen supply to your baby.


Heroin also causes various adverse effects on your developing baby. It can lead to premature delivery and fetal growth restriction. About half of the babies born to mothers who consume heroin are born early.

This drug can cross the placenta and enter into your baby’s blood stream. As the drug is very addictive, the unborn baby can become dependent on it.

Effects of heroin on the developing fetus: Heroin usage during pregnancy can cause breathing difficulties, bleeding within the brain, low birth weight and also death of your infant.

Babies will suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as convulsions, fever, joint stiffness, irritability, diarrhea, restlessness, general distress, breathing difficulties and sleep abnormalities. Your baby needs expert care in order to overcome these symptoms.

LSD and PCP:

Both of these are hallucinogens. Users of these drugs display aggressive behavior, which can harm the baby if the mother injures herself.

Effects of LSD and PCP on the developing fetus: Usage of these drugs can lead to brain damage, low birth weight and poor muscle control. If drug usage is very frequent, it can cause withdrawal syndrome. The symptoms are lethargy that is sporadic with tremors. Frequent usage of LCD can cause birth defects in your baby.


The majority of pregnant women look for the use of drugs during the first trimester of pregnancy. This drug mainly causes birth anomalies such as heart and limb defects.


This drug is chemically related to amphetamine. Usage of this drug increases the heart rate of both you and your baby.

Effects of methamphetamine on the developing fetus: The problems due to this drug are very similar to the problems caused by cocaine. It increases the chances of placental abruption, miscarriage and premature labor.

Also, babies can be addicted to this drug and undergo withdrawal syndrome. The symptoms of this syndrome include muscle spasms, feeding difficulties and sleeplessness. Some studies say that there is a chance for the occurrence of learning difficulties as your child gets older.


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