The Truth About Medical Abortion

Just as the name suggests, the main point of a medical abortion is to terminate a pregnancy through the use of medication. You could have such a procedure at the office of your health care provider or at home. The good thing about it is that you don’t need surgery or anesthesia, but you can use it only during the first few weeks.

Information regarding abortion that is medical

It is a really serious decision to have an abortion of any kind and you can expect it to have physical and emotional consequences. In case you are thinking about having an abortion of this kind you should make sure that you understand what it truly means, the risks, side effects and possible complications.

Medical AbortionWhy to have an abortion that is medical?

The reasons for which women decide to terminate their pregnancy are personal. Most probably your feelings are mixed when you find out that you are pregnant and it is also possible that you have financial difficulties that would make difficult raising a child.

When it comes to medical abortion, it is also possible that you wouldn’t be able to be a parent due to physical or mental problems. In many cases of the above-mentioned problems there is also the possibility to give the child up for adoption. Sometimes women have different kinds of medical conditions that are threatening their pregnancy or their health.

When asking why do women opt for abortion that is medical the answer may be that it can be done at home in a private setting, and this way they have some level of control over the situation. This doesn’t happen in case the procedure is performed in the office of your doctor.

Risks of medical abortion

There are different kinds of risks that you have to think about when it comes to abortion. These include having an incomplete abortion which means that you will need surgery to complete it. Besides this you could have an infection, damage to the uterus or heavy bleeding.

If you take the medication used during abortion that is medical and then decide that you would like to keep the baby, it is possible that the little one will be born with birth defects. In case of such abortions the future pregnancies aren’t affected unless you have to go through some complications.

There are some cases when you can’t be thinking about medical abortion, such as being past the early stages of pregnancy. The procedure can be done until the 9th week after your last period. Also you should avoid the procedure in case you have an IUD or you are at risk of uterine rupture.

Precautions to consider

Some medical conditions also interfere with the abortion that is medical like high blood pressure that isn’t controlled, heart disease, diabetes, liver, lung or kidney disease or a seizure disorder that isn’t kept under control. Medications like a blood thinner or others could also have a negative effect on the procedure.

Follow-up visits are important in case of medical abortion, and if you cannot attend them, this procedure is not for you . It is also possible that you are allergic to the medication, and in this case you should avoid them. Heavy smokers shouldn’t go through the procedure either.

If you would like to end your pregnancy but you can’t have an abortion that is medical, you should consider some other options that involve surgery.

There are so many things to think about regarding medical abortion that it may become overwhelming and you could use the help of a specialized counselor to sort things out.


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