Menstruation During Pregnancy Symptoms

In case you are interested in menstruation during pregnancy symptoms you should know that it simply isn’t possible to be menstruating during pregnancy and vice versa: you can’t be pregnant if you are menstruating. However, vaginal spotting or vaginal bleeding is often mistaken for menstruation during pregnancy.

Menstruation During Pregnancy Symptoms

Implantation bleeding

If you notice some spotting during the early stages of pregnancy, it may be implantation bleeding. This appears in the moment when the embryo gets embedded into the lining of the uterus. Keep in mind that this is something normal and it is nothing to be alarmed by.

Threatened miscarriage

You can hear about this regarding menstruating during pregnancy if you notice bleeding and cramping. In this case the baby is still in the womb, but the outcome of the pregnancy isn’t certain yet.

It can be caused by an infection, dehydration, the use of different kinds of drugs, physical trauma or by the abnormalities of the baby.

Completed miscarriage

If you think you have menstruation during pregnancy symptoms, it could point to the fact that you had a miscarriage. If the bleeding and the cramping slow down and the ultrasound shows an empty uterus, you can be sure that you had a miscarriage. This is a common cause of bleeding during the first trimester.

Incomplete miscarriage

This is the cause of menstruation while being pregnant if your cervix is open and you are still passing blood clots and pregnancy tissue. Normally the cervix doesn’t stay open for longer periods of time, and this indicates that the miscarriage isn’t completed yet.

Blighted ovum

When thinking about the menstruation during pregnancy symptoms you should know that you could have a blighted ovum or embryonic failure. In this case the ultrasound may show a pregnancy, but the embryo may not be able to develop in the right location.

More information

‘Menstruation’ can appear in the form of bleeding or spotting. If the blood passed is bright red, it means that you have uterine bleeding, but if the blood is pink or brown, it is referred to as vaginal spotting. Usually the situation is assessed based on the amount of blood passed.

As it has been mentioned before, there is no such thing as menstruation during pregnancy symptoms, because menstruation doesn’t occur during pregnancy. Nonetheless there can be some signs that look and feel just like menstruation.


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