Symptoms and Causes of Metallic Taste in Mouth During Pregnancy

Sensation of a metallic taste is very common during various stages of pregnancy. Medical experts refer this feeling as dysgeusia and it is believed to be caused due to the excess of estrogen produced in your body during pregnancy period. During pregnancy there is fluctuation of hormones in your body and this may cause this funny taste sensation in your mouth.

The metallic taste usually occurs during the initial stages of pregnancy, when estrogen and other related hormones tend to fluctuate the most and it usually reduces in the second trimester for most of the people. This sometimes is combined with a sensitivity to smell and nausea, which makes the metallic taste feel worst.

causes of metallic taste in mouth during pregnancy

Reasons for Metallic Taste During Pregnancy


The main culprit for dysgeusia is the pregnancy hormones, particularly estrogen overplaying during this period. Estrogen levels vary in a surprising way during pregnancy and this is the reason for metallic taste, which affects the way you taste the food. Since this hormone level fluctuates during this time, you may feel food cravings or nausea along with it.

Smell and Taste

There is a strong connection between smell and taste, and this increases during pregnancy in many women. This strong link is the reason for dysgeusia in some cases. If you sense that certain smells are too strong or not pleasant, then it is possible that you may develop metallic taste due to that smell because of the strong connection between smell and taste.

Water Retention

Water retention also leads to increased metallic taste during pregnancy. Water retention can occur in any part of your body and the taste buds are “NO” exception to this. If your mouth gets dry or you are dehydrated, it can cause metallic taste since the taste buds are present on your tongue.

How to Get Rid of Dysgeusia?

Consult your Doctor

Although it is not possible to completely avoid it, you can try to reduce the harshness of dysgeusia by consulting your healthcare specialist. You need to mention all the symptoms or changes in taste that you feel during this time, so that your doctor can understand the reason for metallic taste. Sometimes it could be due to some disease or a reaction of a medicine or due to some vitamins.

Try Various Options

In case you are not sure of the exact reason for dysgeusia, you can try out the following food items to reduce it.

  • Citrus foods and beverages like oranges, lemons and lemonade
  • Ginger flavoured food and drinks
  • Salt water solution
  • Green apples
  • Sour candies or chewing-gums
  • Spicy food items
  • Salty potato chips with vinegar flavour

Among other food items, ginger, citrus foods and salt are known to neutralize metallic taste and nausea in pregnant women.

Drink Plain Water and Brush Teeth

Drinking plenty of plain water can help reduce metallic taste; you can try ice cold water. Keeping a good dental hygiene also helps some women to get rid of this. You can brush teeth after each meal and floss regularly to keep bacteria away.

However, in most cases the occurrence of metallic taste reduces with time and once the hormones are stable.


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