The Most Common Mistakes Women make During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in life for any woman. It is also that time in life which every married woman awaits but during pregnancy, there are many dos and don’ts to follow and it may not always be possible for every female to get them all right. This is the reason why pregnancy is associated with several common mistakes. The following is a list of the most common mistakes women make during pregnancy:

mistakes women make during pregnancyEating for Two

A lot of older people and others may advice pregnant ladies to eat for two due to the growing baby inside but doing so is the most common mistake for any woman who is pregnant. It is the quality of food that matters more than the quantity during those nine months and eating double the calories is not the solution. The caloric requirement during pregnancy increases by 300 calories only and thus eating smart should be the mantra.

Improper Sleeping Habits

During pregnancy, every woman needs more than the usual 6-7 hours of sleep. She must sleep for 9-10 hours every day as the body tends to get more tired. But not sleeping for these many hours or other improper sleeping habits are another common mistake pregnant ladies tend to make. Women who do not get proper sleep during pregnancy to not get enough energy to handle labor and delivery.

Lack of Exercise

Another common mistake for pregnant women is not getting proper and enough exercise. It is true that not all 9 months are safe for exercising and the physical condition of each women may vary, but exercising is a must for a smooth labor and for fetus growth as well. Yoga is the best form of physical exercise that women can benefit from during pregnancy. There are certain poses which are especially meant for those in their nine months.

Getting too much Information

Some pregnant women like to be well informed, which is a good thing but trying to get all the information from multiple sources about pregnancy is not such a great idea. Following each bit of excess information is definitely not the right thing to do and must be avoided. It is important to cross verify each thing you hear and only then follow it. It is best to listen to the advice of an experienced doctor rather than believing everything every 2nd person says.

Choosing a C Section

A lot of women opt for C section to avoid the excess pain of a normal delivery but contrary to popular notion, a C section can have many complications like risk of infection, problems in breast feeding and a longer period of recovery after delivery. It is a good option to take only if there are any complications or when the doctor suggests one to. A C section can have more adverse after effects than a normal delivery and choosing it is a common mistake many females make.


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