7 Myths And Facts About Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you hear a lot of advice from friends, relatives and elders. They tell you a lot of things which should be done and a lot of things that should not be done. But which of these are really true and what all are just myths? Well to help you identify some of the common pregnancy related myths and some real facts we have a list of the top 7 things people will tell you and whether they are true or not.

myths and facts about pregnancyYou must take special supplements-TRUE

This is a common thing you will hear and is true. You will need a few special supplements like vitamin D, folic acid and a few others. Apart from this, you must concentrate on a vitamin rich diet and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Lean protein and high quality carbohydrates are also recommended.

Peanuts are out-FALSE

Many pregnant women feel that peanuts must not be consumed as they may trigger an allergic reaction to the unborn baby. But the actual truth is that peanuts are healthy and can be taken unless you are not allergic to them from before.

You tend to forget more-TRUE

This is true. During pregnancy, many women undergo memory problems and find it hard to remember certain things such as phone numbers. Infact many women suffer from memory loss problems up to a year of pregnancy.

You should give up coffee: FALSE

This is not true because during pregnancy you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee once in a while but you will need to be careful about the quantity that you have. Too much caffeine can increase the risk of a miscarriage and must be avoided in large quantities.

You can double your portion-FALSE

This true is a common myth. During pregnancy, you cannot double your portions and must avoid doing it, no matter how much your family or the elders tell you to. The latest advice is not to ‘eat for two’ as this can lead to a lot of unwanted weight gain, which might be difficult for you to lose later on. Energy needs in your body do not change for the first 6 months of pregnancy but only after that and that too only slightly.

It’s safe to exercise-TRUE

This is another true fact as pregnancy is a time where women must exercise, gently and mildly. By sensible, keep yourself well hydrated and engage in only safe exercises. Infact, your doctor will recommend a few breathing and other light exercises, especially for the later months of pregnancy.

Sex is a no-no-FALSE

Sex is safe in low-risk pregnancy. The baby is always well cushioned and no harm will come to him when you have sex. Infact, it is believed that due to the increasing pelvic blood flow, the baby might just be benefitted if you have sex. But for higher risk pregnancies, sex must be avoided. You must speak to your doctor about your situation.


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