Pregnancy Fashion – Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of what you wear normally is going to become impossible very soon, and the following questions are bound to pop into your head sooner rather than later.

When do I start to wear maternity clothing?

The simple answer to this is whenever you feel comfortable to start doing so. A lot of women start showing from the third month or so, whereas other women don’t show until much later.

Maternity ClothingA lot of loose regular clothing, such as loose tunics, shift dresses, pants and skirts with elasticized waists will actually last you well into your pregnancy.

How do I pick maternity clothes to look pregnant and not fat?

No longer do women just have to shop for large tent like creations to accommodate their pregnancy bulge.

Designers now give a lot of thought to specific pregnancy dressing, so that the garment is not oversized, but adjusted to accommodate a growing belly and breasts.

The arms and legs and other dimensions of the garment do not have to be oversized so look for classic maternity wear that will also last you a little beyond the birth of the baby.

How much maternity wear should I shop for?

It is best to buy some classic items that are separate and allow you to mix and match and create different combinations and looks for you.

This is a better option than buying dresses or coordinated outfits.

Remember some of the things in your regular wardrobe will continue to work for a while so don’t go overboard with the maternity shopping. You may be stuck with it.

Can I wear high heels when pregnant?

It is best to wear low heeled comfortable shoes when pregnant. Your feet may actually expand during pregnancy and your old shoes may not even fit.

Also remember as the belly gets larger and your balance is compromised, high heels increase your chance of falling.


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