Prenatal Vitamins Before Pregnancy – What Do You Need And Why?

Some experts are of the view that taking appropriate prenatal vitamins before pregnancy, can result in an up to 50% reduction of birth defects among new born babies if they are started to be taken before pregnancy.

There is the view that since women are unable to get requisite vitamins and essential nutrients from their diet alone, due to lifestyle factors, environmental pollutants etc, and vitamin supplements are required and that they should be started even before the conception of a pregnancy.

prenatal vitamins before pregnancyProbably the most important of prenatal vitamins before pregnancy would have to be folic acid, which most experts recommend should be started as soon as one starts to try to get pregnant.

Though good sources of folic acid, such as orange juice, green leafy vegetables, legumes and organ meat can be good source of folic acid or folate, they may not be enough, an a supplement is usually recommended.

Another reason to start folate supplements is that in its synthetic form, folate is easier to get absorbed by the body than the sort that is naturally derived through food.

A dosage of 400 mcg of folic acid is generally recommended and most formulations of prenatal vitamins before pregnancy usually have this proportion of the nutrient.

A balanced supplement of prenatal vitamins before pregnancy ought to be started for other reasons as well. It could well be that a woman’s body is deficient in certain minerals and or nutrients and these will help to be replenished by taking the supplement.

By taking requisite supplements you as an expectant mother can be sure that you have done all that you could to give your baby the best possible start in life that you could. It will ensure that you have done all that you could to prevent any birth defects that could possibly occur due to nutritional deficiencies.

Prenatal vitamins before pregnancy will not only help the baby receive all the requisite nutrients; it will also help the mother. Strong healthy nails and hair that is more resistant to breakage may be some of the added benefits that a multivitamin may bring along with it.

However before starting on prenatal vitamins before pregnancy it is best to consult with a doctor about the best kind to take so that you have the most balanced proportion of vitamins which is in an easily absorbable formulation and which is suitable for pregnant women to take. And be sure to start on them as soon as you decide to get pregnant so speak to your doctor in advance.


  1. Another very important consideration before taking any multivitamin is to visit your doctor in order to perform a complete test or examination to identify if you have any nutrient deficiency. In these cases, your doctor may recommend the most appropriate vitamins for your pregnancy.


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