7 Reasons Why it’s Great to be Pregnant In Summers!

Most women who get the news that they are going to be pregnant through the summer feel not-so-good about the upcoming months but contrary to popular vibe, summer is a great time to be pregnant! Winter pregnancy sure has its many benefits and is a time to tuck in and remain warm.

Moreover it is true that the expanded blood volume is going to make you warm in addition to the burning sun but there are so many other things that you can only avail in the summers during pregnancy! The following is a list of the 7 reasons why it’s great to be pregnant in summers and why should cheer up right now!

reasons why it’s great to be pregnant in summers1. Great Time for Outdoor Exercises

Swimming and walking are said to be an expectant mother’s best friends but these cannot be enjoyed in a winter pregnancy. The summer air offers you to easily indulge in these outdoor exercises and others like yoga easily!

2. Abundance of Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Another reason why summer pregnancies are so good is because in the summer months, you get a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which might not be present in winters. These fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with so many nutrients that are important for your health as well as the health of your baby.

3. The Wardrobe Factor

It is only during the summer months that you can wear all the amazing maternity clothes like summer dresses, tank tops, skirts, bathing suits and so many others. Unlike winters, there is more to add and try in the wardrobe for a pregnant lady in summers.

4. Hydration is Easy

Proper Hydration during pregnancy is an advice that you may be hearing from almost everyone you meet. It is important to remain hydrated during pregnancy but this may be a difficult thing to do during winters and this is why summer pregnancy is so good.

5. Sunshine Equals Vitamin D

Since summers come with a lot of sunshine, it means that there is abundance of Vitamin D around you. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to take in and maintain during pregnancy and is available in large quantities during the hot summer months.

6. You can Wear Flip Flops

Pregnancy means swollen body parts. One of the body parts that mostly get swollen for pregnant females is their feet and it may thus become difficult to adjust most of the footwear like sandals, shoes and peep toes. But during summer months, you can easily put on a pair of cool flip flops and hence problem solved! It is only in summers that you can enjoy this benefit of flip flops.

7. Your Baby is less likely to get RSV if Born During Summer Months

RSV is a contagious virus which causes a respiratory tract infection and is more likely to develop during the winter months. RSV is a serious problem for premature babies and the season for it is between October through May.

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