Sex After Pregnancy: Reclaiming Your Sex Life

The majority of the doctors say that sex after pregnancy becomes safe again after four weeks.

During the first two weeks, the new mothers are still bleeding and they are at risk of a uterine infection or hemorrhage.

If you have stitches, you may have to wait six weeks until the first postnatal checkup.

Sex After Pregnancy

When can you have sex after childbirth?

After giving birth, it is common to have a low libido. During the first six weeks you may feel exhausted, sore and most probably you will also feel overwhelmed. For your body to heal, you need for time. You may think that sexual intercourse will be painful after childbirth.

When it comes to sex after childbirth in case you had episiotomy or perineal tearing most probably the affected area will be tender.

Usually this tenderness disappears quite fast. Still other women may feel this discomfort for months after childbirth.

During the first weeks, you have to think that for sex after pregnancy you will need some artificial lubrication because the levels of estrogen are quite low.

If you decide to breastfeed, this symptom could appear as long as you are nursing. After this the natural lubrication will return quite slowly.

There are a lot of different reasons for which women don’t really think about sex after childbirth. Adjusting to the new situation is emotionally consuming and stressful. A lot of women feel less attractive and confident because of all the changes that are going on in their body.

Regarding sex after pregnancy, a lot of women are afraid that they will become pregnant again, especially if they start using a new method of contraception.

In other cases women have to struggle with postpartum depression or baby blues. If you don’t feel ready for intercourse yet, you just have to give yourself a break.

Sex after childbirth seems really unimportant compared to the fact that you have to care for the new baby.

There is no rush and you should start having intercourse when you feel like you are ready again. With time, sex will become as pleasant as it was before you got pregnant.

Changing feelings

If you are thinking about sex after pregnancy, you should know that some people feel like they become less available from an emotional point of view after the arrival of the baby. On the other hand, it is possible that you will be really joyful about the baby and you will have more sexual intimacy.

If sex after childbirth is affected by the fact that your partner feels intimidated or jealous because of the relationship that you have with the baby, you should reassure him that you still love him and need him. Also make sure that he also gets the chance to bond with the little one so they may need some alone time.

There is no reason to be worried about sex after pregnancy because after a while it will become pleasant again and you will enjoy it as much as you did before.


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