Why to Stay Positive During Pregnancy

Staying positive and optimistic is necessary at all ages and during all conditions. However, when you are expecting this becomes essential as it will keep you away from a host of health complications and also ensure a safe and healthy delivery. Staying positive during pregnancy can seem a difficult task for many, especially if you are already in a complicated pregnancy, live in an unsupportive or depressive family conditions or have some psychological fears regarding your pregnancy.

Just believe that you are fine and trust your doctor who is doing the best for you! You will have to stay positive and look for optimism in any situation during these crucial months for of course more than one reason. This article will explain all the reasons why you should be happy and positive during pregnancy –

stay positive during pregnancyWill Keep Health Complications at Bay

By staying positive, happy and optimistic during pregnancy you can stay away from a host of disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, abdominal cramps, fluid discharge, preterm labor, and so on. Stress during pregnancy is really harmful and it releases certain hormones that can make your healthy pregnancy go complicated.

Family will Remain at Peace

Once you are happy and positive, your family will stay calm and confident about your state of health. The more you panic, the more they will! Welcoming a new member in the family is indeed a very cherishing moment; thus we should all greet the days with positivity and wellbeing. Even if there is any dispute in the family – either you try to negate it with your positivity or avoid it to keep yourself safe. Your positivity will also inspire the family to get ready for the child.

The Baby Grows Healthy and Calm

It is a long standing truth that the mental state and habits of the expecting mother affects the baby to some extent. The baby will inherit the positivity and calmness if you stay positive during pregnancy and will be ever smiling and cheerful. However, this still needs further scientific research to establish this truth.

Avoid Preterm Labor and Other Delivery Troubles

In USA, each year one in eight babies are born premature due to “stress” causes. Preterm babies carry many health disorders and also their organs are not fully formed. Starting from minor breathing troubles to even cerebral palsy – your preterm child can suffer anything, therefore stay positive and yearn for a healthy well formed baby.

Kick out Negativity even at Parenting Stage

Its seen that expecting mothers carry on the mental state even at the stage of parenting – if a mother has been nagging and stressed out during pregnancy her motherhood will show similar signs as well; while a happy carefree pregnant woman has a more confident, well managed and happy motherhood. Therefore kick out the unhealthy habit of pondering on “negativity” and have a more fulfilling motherhood.

Hopefully, the above mentioned reasons have made you realize how important it is to remain positive during pregnancy; you can rule out many unwanted situations and consequences that affect the health of the mother and child easily during these delicate months. Be happy and go ahead for a bright motherhood ahead!


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