The More Sex You Have The Likelier You Are To Get Pregnant – Fact Or Fiction?

Having sex makes you pregnant and therefore it should follow that having more sex makes you more likely to get pregnant, correct? Well not quite. The answer is somewhere in between; there is an optimum amount of sex that one can have to have the best chance to get pregnant.

It is important to have regular sex because doing that can ensure that the quality of sperm is good.

sex during pregnancyLong periods of abstinence could mean that the old sperm count in the semen increases, and the possibility of conception may therefore decrease. It is important to have sex regularly, every two to three days so that sperm quality is regularly refreshed.

Also, positions that permit the deepest penetration and therefore make it possible for sperm to be deposited as close as possible to the cervix are preferable to initiate a pregnancy.

It is also very important to coincide intercourse with ovulation when a woman is most fertile. The best time is just before the woman ovulates so that the chances of getting pregnant are the best they can be.

Post intercourse it can also help for a woman to lie flat on her back with her hips slightly elevated for a period of 20 minutes to create a pregnancy too.


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